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Frequently Asked Questions

You should find the answer to your question right here. If the information you need is not here and you need to speak to a service agent, please contact your participating bank or the eDirham Customer Care Centre toll free on:

UAE: 600 550 000, International: +971 2 495 1000.

General Questions

What is eDirham?

eDirham is a cashless payment platform that empowers users to make more convenient and secure transactions. Innovated by the UAE Ministry of Finance, eDirham is a seamless, convenient and secure way to handle transactions.

Where can I get eDirham?

You can download the eDirham Instant app for free via Google Play or the App Store, depending on your device’s operating system, or pop into one of our partner banks to get your eDirham card.

What are the ways in which I can use eDirham?

You can carry out cashless transactions through eDirham Instant, the mobile app, or pay for government services using your eDirham card.

How can I register concerns regarding discrepancies in transactions?

For all queries, concerns and complaints regarding transactions, please reach out to your eDirham issuing bank.

Do I have to visit a bank to get my eDirham card?

Yes, you can get eDirham from one of our multiple partner banks across the UAE. Alternatively, you can use eDirham Instant to carry out cardless transactions. Check with your bank regarding the eDirham Instant app service.

Where can I use my eDirham card?

Use your card to pay for government services, quickly and conveniently, either through online channels or at physical locations across the UAE.

Where can I apply for a replacement card?

Please visit your eDirham card issuing bank for any additional or replacement cards you need.

Can my business get an add-on card with its existing one?

Yes. Your issuing bank can assist you with multiple Signature cards linked to a single corporate account.

Can I use eDirham for my daily transactions?

Currently eDirham can only be used to pay for government services.

What should I do if I have lost my eDirham card?

Kindly report the loss or theft of your card immediately to your issuing bank.

eDirham Instant

What is eDirham Instant?

The eDirham Instant mobile application (app) is a digital payment tool, through which government services can be quickly and securely paid – without the need for a physical payment card. You can use Instant either at point of sale, online, or directly through the app, through your personal android or iOS mobile device.

Where can I use eDirham Instant?

eDirham Instant enables 3 ways of paying for government services, without ever having to reveal your sensitive account data:

  1. Via the internet (on your computer or any smart device), using a one-time pin (OTP) generated by the app
  2. At the counter of a Government Happiness Centre, using an OTP or QR code generated by the app
  3. Directly through the eDirham Instant Pay function

Note: To process any payment, eDirham Instant requires an active internet connection. It must also be linked with at least one source of funds (either a bank account or eDirham card).

Can eDirham Instant be used on a tablet?

Yes. Instant is designed to operate on any type of smart device, including phones, tablets and computers running on either of the following operating systems:

  • iOS – version 11.X and newer
  • Android – version 5.0 and newer
What is the password required when linking a source of funds in eDirham Instant?

The password you need to enter is the one provided by the bank that issued your eDirham card OR the one you set up for the bank account you wish to use as your source of funds. Each bank has its own method of establishing passwords, so please check with your bank if you are still unsure.

How do I change the source of funds linked with my eDirham Instant profile?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. On the Home screen, tap on Change Source of Funds, then select another registered source of funds from your list. This newly selected source of funds will become the default source of funds on your Home screen.
  2. You can also change your source of funds while paying with eDirham Instant. After tapping the eDirham Instant button, scroll down and tap on Selected Account. The list of all our sources of funds will be displayed and you can select the one you wish to use.
How do I pay with eDirham Instant using a one-time pin (OTP)?
  1. Log in to your Instant app
  2. Tap on the Home screen to generate an OTP
  3. Give this OTP to the Customer Service Agent to enter into the keypad or computer system. Alternatively, the Customer Service Agent may scan the QR code representing the OTP on your mobile device.
  4. Check the transaction details on your mobile and confirm, if required, by using your password, facial ID or touch ID.
Can I be reminded of payments to come through eDirham Instant?

Yes. You can create reminders for in-app payments for selected government services.

  • Open your profile
  • Tap on Reminders
  • Set the date for your reminder

eDirham Instant will display a reminder notification on your mobile device, even if you are not logged into the app. Simply tap the reminder to be directed to the message in your Instant inbox.

How do I set confirmation limits for individual transactions?

You can set your individual transaction limits by tapping Confirmation Settings from your profile screen. Confirmation Settings enable you to define the amount above which a payment confirmation will be required, by either your password or biometric (face ID or touch ID). Transactions below this defined amount will require only your acknowledgement.

Do I need eDirham Instant when using my eDirham card online?

When using your eDirham card to pay for government services online, you will need to have already downloaded and set up eDirham Instant in order for it to generate an OTP. Follow your bank’s instructions on how to use your eDirham card online.

How do I change my password in eDirham instant?
  1. Use your current passcode to log in to Instant
  2. From the Home screen, go to Profile > Change Your Passcode
  3. Follow the steps shown on the screen
How secure is the eDirham Instant app?

Payments made via eDirham Instant are protected by a number of security measures:

  • Restricted login – It is only possible to access eDirham Instant using biometrics (face ID or touch ID) or a password assigned to you when you activated the app
  • User control – eDirham Instant users can see every single transaction and are empowered to personally confirm each transaction within the app
  • The limited lifespan of the OTP and QR codes enhance security and minimise the risk of misuse
  • Timebound transaction approval – Limited time is provided in which to approve of each transaction
  • In addition, eDirham Instant adheres to the highest industry and payment data security standards
How can I get eDirham Instant?

To start using eDirham Instant, you first need to download and install it from either the App Store or Google Play, whichever is compatible with your mobile device. Once installed, simply follow the instructions for the registration process. This includes linking your personal eDirham Instant profile with your chosen source of funds, such as your bank account.

Note: To download and to use the application your mobile device must be connected to the internet.

What type of fund source should I link with my eDirham Instant profile?

You can choose to link your Instant profile with either a bank account provided by any of the eDirham partner banks, or any eDirham card, including eDirham HALA, eDirham GOLD or eDirham SIGNATURE.

How do I add an additional source of funds to my eDirham Instant profile?

You can do this via the Home Screen.

  • Go to Profile
  • Tap on Sources of Funds
  • Now, add your new source of funds in the same way as you linked your first

Note: You can only link an eDirham card or a bank account held with an eDirham participant bank.

How do I remove a source of funds that I no longer wish to use?
  • From the Profile screen, select Source of Funds
  • If the source of funds you wish to remove is currently marked as the default one, you will first need to nominate another account as the default source of funds.
  • Once done, tap the circled ‘X’ next to the account you wish to remove
  • Confirm your action with OK
What is the difference between the QR code and the six-digit OTP?

A QR code is a graphic representation of the six-digit OTP. When you’re making a payment, provided the merchant is equipped with a QR code reader, the QR code can simply be scanned from your device by the cashier rather than having to enter the OTP on a keypad – so it provides a safe, touchless alternative.

What currencies can I use when paying with eDirham Instant?

All eDirham transactions are conducted in the United Arab Emirates dirham currency (AED).

Where can I see past eDirham Instant transactions?

You can view all your completed eDirham Instant transactions on the History screen. You can filter what you see according to either all sources of funds or a specific account. You can also filter the displayed transaction history according to date.

Note: Transactions that encountered an error and were not completed can be viewed in the Inbox.

What happens if I close my eDirham Instant profile?

Once a profile is closed, you will no longer have access to its information (including its history of transactions) on any device.

Note: It is important to remember that if you linked your eDirham card with your profile and you lose that card, closing the profile will result in you also losing access to any funds on that card.

I forgot my password! How do I change it?
  1. Use the Forgot Passcode option on the log on screen
  2. Provide the email address with which you registered
  3. A new security code will be emailed to you
  4. Enter the code I eDirham Instant to reset your password