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Development of the eDirham

Consultation Topic:

eDirham was launched by Ministry of Finance in 2001 as a system of electronic channel and digital payment gateway through prepaid cards for collection of service fees for federal government’ services. The eDirham G2 system, implemented in 2011 combines world-class payment networks through platforms which are integrated with eGovernment service applications. They can also work with online payment applications, payment via mobile phones and electronic collection via different payment channels in line with the universal standards.

eDirham history

eDirham is a smart technological achievement of Ministry of Finance. The cards offer a smart payment method for more than 5,000 government services in ministries, federal and local authorities and the private sector.

Some of these cards are compatible with Visa and MasterCard networks too. The cards are issued by the Ministry of Finance and National Bank of Abu Dhabi. Ministry of Finance seeks to upgrade this service in a way that accommodates customer needs and latest internal and international developments.

Consultation Objective:

Through this consultation, Ministry of Finance gives the public the opportunity to share its views and suggestions. This will be vital in the future planning of eDirham development.

Post Contribution Decisions:

Based on your e-participation in the development of the electronic dirham system, the Ministry of Finance is currently working on the launch of the new generation of the system in coordination with the partners and concerned parties in the country. The Ministry has held several workshops to prepare stakeholders for the development, in line with the aspirations of the country and the goals of sustainable development.

eDirham system in light of current circumstances


Economy and investment

H.E. Saeed Rashid Al Yateem, Assistant Undersecretary of the Resources at MoF

Today, people around the world are uniting to face the pandemic that is Covid-19; a virus threatening humanity, and spurring changes in economies, health sector, and even our social lives.

H E Saeed

To curtail the spread of the virus, several countries were forced to completely close their borders and compel all individuals to stay home. These measures will result in immense repercussions and challenges in ensuring the continuity of services to partners from the public and private sectors, as well as individuals.

As we collectively face this global pandemic, thanks to the prudent and forward-looking vision of our wise leadership in managing the impact of COVID-19 and controlling its spread, the UAE has once again demonstrated its ability to face crises. The leadership took all necessary measures to mitigate the effects of the pandemic - our leadership has continued to support the local economic structure to ensure growth for all business sectors. Access to advanced technology, digital networks, and AI have also supported the nation by providing accessible options for employees to easily and efficiently work remotely.

In order to achieve the vision of our wise leadership, the Ministry of Finance has taken proactive steps over the years to automate and improve its services, using advanced technologies in accordance with the highest global standards. This has allowed the ministry to manage and provide all its services with the highest quality and efficiency, and to easily transition to a remote work system, while not affecting businesses and services provided to government and private sectors, and individuals.

The digital services of MoF include the e-Dirham system, which uses the latest global technologies for digital payment. It constitutes a smart, easy and safe way to pay government and non-government services fees across platforms. The system currently provides services to more than 53 entities, including federal ministries and others, including local departments and major companies. The system provides a high level of security and effectiveness in cashless e-payments.

MoF continues to provide the best digital solutions according to best global practices. Over the past years, the ministry has automated all the services it provides to government and private sectors, and individuals. This is in line with the UAE Vision 2021 and the UAE mGovernment Initiative.

H.E. Saeed Rashid Al Yateem, Assistant Undersecretary of the Resources at MoF