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National Bank of Fujairah

The National Bank of Fujairah facilitates the transactions made through the eDirham Instant app, providing a secure and easy process for all its users.

  • An NBF bank account
  • Online banking should be activated

To activate your eDirham Instant App:

  • Download the eDirham Instant app; select your preferred language of Arabic or English
  • Enter your UAE mobile number and enter the code received via SMS to verify
  • Register by providing the required information; accept the terms and conditions
  • Create a 6-digit passcode for secure log-in and transaction approval
  • Log in to your NBF online account
  • On the left side menu, click on ‘New request’ under ‘Service requests’
  • Then, on the right panel, click on ‘Register eDirham’; this will take you to a screen on which your NBF account/s are listed
  • Select the NBF account you wish to link with the eDirham Instant app; review and submit the request
  • Click ‘Look up’ to select the user for approval
  • Click ‘Confirm request’; it will be sent for review and approval by NBF

For more information on registering and making payments using the eDirham Instant app, watch the following video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAJdy_wgHIY&feature=youtu.be