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The First Abu Dhabi Bank offers all three new generation eDirham cards: Hala, Gold and Signature. These can be applied for and recharged through any of FAB’s multiple online and offline channels

  • Maximum credit limit for Hala card: AED 10000
  • For Gold card: AED 2 million
  • For Signature card: AED 10 million (individual customers) AED 100 million (corporate customers)

You can apply for the new generation eDirham cards from the following channels :

  • FAB bank’s official website
  • FAB bank’s branches
  • Hala card available through distribution channels (50 DCs) with more than 150 outlets.
  • FAB bank’s official app and internet banking*
  • Payit mobile app. To know more visit https://payit.ae/edirham-instant/

Cards Cost:

  • Hala: AED 10 (branch and distribution channels) AED 25 (with courier)
  • Gold: AED 25
  • Signature card for individuals & businesses: AED 25

To apply online, fill in the form on the respective page of the new generation card of your choice: Hala, Gold or Signature

To purchase the new generation eDirham card by FAB bank, the following documents are required:

  1. Hala - No documents required and available immediately.
  2. Gold - Emirates ID/passport , Application form and FATCA form
  3. Signature Individual - Emirates ID/Application form/FTACA form and Proof of address
  4. Signature Corporate: Emirates ID/Application form/Trade license/Power of Attorney/FATCA and Proof of address.

*You will receive your Gold or Signature card within 5 days.

“You can do it through FAB CDMs, FAB branches, FAB online banking or Distribution channels”

The new generation eDirham card by First Abu Dhabi Bank can be recharged at:

  • FAB CDMs and branches.
  • Distribution channels (50 DCs) with more than 150 outlets.
  • FTS bank transfer.
  • FAB mobile app and Online banking for retail*
  • FAB iBanking and Nafura for corporate*
  • Payit mobile app*
  • eDirect*

*Service will be available soon.

You can redeem any funds still available on your old eDirham card by:

  • Withdrawing the card balance using any FAB ATM or at a branch
  • Transferring he funds to your FAB account
  • Transferring the balance to your new generation eDirham card by FAB
  • Transferring the balance to your Payit digital wallet (which can also be used for the eDirham Instant app)

For more information on the process, terms and conditions, features & benefits of eDirham cards by the First Abu Dhabi bank, please visit: https://www.bankfab.com/en-ae/personal/prepaid-cards/edirham