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The Commercial Bank of Dubai offers all three new generation eDirham cards (Hala, Gold and Signature). The Hala card comes with a credit/balance limit of AED 10000, while Gold and Signature cards have higher credit limits.

You can get the new generation eDirham cards through the CBD website, at any of our branches, at an Al Fardan Exchange outlet, or through CBD’s official app. The following nominal fees apply:

  • Hala: AED 10 (+AED 13 courier fee + payment processing fee)
  • Gold: AED 20 (+AED 13 courier fee+ payment processing fee)
  • Signature for both individuals & businesses: AED 25 (+AED 13 courier fee+ payment processing fee)
  1. To apply online through the CBD website, use this link: https://www.cbd.ae/personal/cbd-edirham
  2. Click on the ‘Apply now’ button at the top of the web page
  3. Submit the required information and payment for the card
  4. Card will be delivered within 7 – 10 working days
  1. Hala: Emirates ID
  2. Gold: Emirates ID or Passport
  3. Signature: Emirates ID or Passport and Trade License of company

Send an SMS to 4266 using the following SMS code:

EACT ^ Last 4 digits of card number ^ 10-digit card token number ^ card pin code (Where, ^ refers to SPACE)

eDirham cards issued by CBD can be recharged through various channels:

For more information on the process, terms and conditions, features and benefits of eDirham cards by the Commercial Bank of Dubai, please visit: https://www.cbd.ae/personal/cbd-edirham