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Privacy Policy


  1. eDirham applies various regulative and security precautions to protect its website data from manipulation or destruction. These precautions also prevent any unauthorised person from accessing this data. Our data is encrypted to protect it from exploitation, and eDirham’s security team regularly reviews these precautions to ensure the highest security measures in line with modern technological developments.
  2. Data on this website is intended to provide the visitor with information pertaining to eDirham, and its use is governed and further protected by related laws and legislations.


eDirham collects and stores information related to visits to this website. The following information is automatically collected and stored:

  1. Browsing field
  2. Type of browser and the operating system used to enter the website
  3. Time and date of entering the website
  4. Time and date of exiting the website

The eDirham website contains external links to certain other networks and websites. eDirham assumes no responsibility for these links. They are provided for informational purposes only. The user is responsible for assessing the content and usefulness of information obtained. All visits to the eDirham website are considered to be in agreement with the eDirham website Privacy Policy.