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MoF Open Data Policy

eDirham aims to support the process and goals of sustainable development. By providing transparent access to eDirham data and statistics, we empower decision-makers, companies and researchers to make informed decisions and enhance opportunities for innovation and strategic planning.

Open data is information and facts that are made freely available for use by anyone, without technical, financial or legal constraints. Such data may also be reused and redistributed

eDirham aims to improve the ease of customer access to open data, contributing to the fulfillment of the UAE’s smart government requirements and the foundations of a knowledge-based digital economy. eDirham open data is made freely available to companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, media professionals and the general public, to utilize as required. Based on the principles of transparency, justice and governance, and in support of sustainable development goals, eDirham open data may be used to make valuable contributions to sound decision- and policy-making processes.

  • Whether direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, special or exceptional, that may arise from the use or misuse of the open data available on this website, including and without limitation the loss of income, loss of work, computer malfunction or software breakdown, or any other damage.
  • The user of the open data offered on the eDirham website acknowledges that said open data is used entirely at his/her sole discretion and responsibility. While eDirham strives to maintain the accuracy of its open data, it takes no responsibility whatsoever for the future updating of this open data, and shall not be deemed accountable for any assumptions and predictions that may lead to the occurrence of risks, or may raise inconsistencies between the actual data and predicted future estimations.
  • eDirham shall not be held liable for any damage that may be incurred by the user or any other party as a result of a breach of confidentiality of information that the user may have transferred from the open data section of this website.

The eDirham system is committed to:

  • Providing open data on eDirham services and activities that may be of value to its website visitors
  • Providing data over several years and updating it on a regular basis
  • Publishing raw data as much as possible
  • Providing access to data without any restrictions or registration
  • Providing real-time open data as far as possible and make it available for technical use
  • Publishing data in adjustable and reusable file formats, in 'cut-paste' mode as well as downloadable formats
  • Enabling you to express your opinion regarding the open data available on the website
  • Providing a detailed description of the type, size and publication date of open data files

The e-Dirham System is committed to the Open Data Guidelines of the mGovernment, posted on the UAE Government official portal, available via the following link: https://u.ae/ar-AE/resources/guidelines

  • The user agrees to cite eDirham as their data source, including the name of the file and publication date, in order to sustain eDirham's ownership of the data and to maintain the credibility and validity of the source.
  • The user is free to republish and publicly share eDirham open data.
  • Open data can be used, reused and republished by any individual, legal person or government entity.
  • Open data users may not attempt to mislead others by altering the data or failing to cite its source.
  • Open data may not be used to serve political purposes, support illicit activities, negatively affect the name and reputation of the UAE, in racist or discriminatory comments, for the purpose of sedition or to negatively influence culture, equality, incitement, or any illegal or infringing activity that may violate the customs and traditions of the UAE.